Mama Tenza every month I’m wailing and weeping. I keep asking my body why can’t she just send me an email or WhatsApp to tell me my reproductive system is fine? I can’t bear the pain! Every month I roll up in a ball; I can’t even go to work sometimes. The pain is just too much and I really can’t afford a medical appointment each month for a prescription.
Pretty Miserable Sister

My Pretty Miserable Sister, the pain is a blessing in disguise. Some women have never felt pain and when they decide to start child rearing they discovered something was wrong. So dear, let’s embrace and take care!

Now to tackle the pain let’s concentrate on DIET, EXERCISE and STRESS LEVELS.

Diet: Limit caffeine or eliminate it from your diet. Caffeine interferes with the metabolism of  oestrogen and cramps are usually caused by too much oestrogen and too much progesterone (your girly hormones). Eat more fibres, fruits, veggies, peas and beans; balance your hormones with foods rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids like sardines and trout fish and flaxseeds. Take extra vitamin B6 supplements.
Exercise: 30 minutes of exercise whether cardio or even dancing helps to lower oestrogen levels. It’s also a great antidote for mood swings and depression honey so get moving!
Stress: It’s easier said than done but try to limit stressors. Take a warm shower, get a facial, (not a massage as that will increase blood flow). Have a cup of ginger or dandelion tea before bed, get a herbal pedicure with some Epsom salt with peppermint and lavender essential oil.
This advice isn’t a one try and stop honey, healthy living is continuous, so continue to be strong and live well!

Disclaimer: The contributor to this blog is not a licensed naturopath. Advice is given purely from past experiences of others. Seek further advice from a professional naturopathic doctor on the proper dosage and methods of herbal usage.  Mama Tenza will not be held liable for any misuse of herbal medicine or damages.

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