Dear Mama Tenza, 

Mi nuh know ifa di climate change, but when di place hot mi get some boil pon mi privit an mi battam. When mi used to shave, dem wuda come up pon mi privit, Suh mi stop, mi neva wax yet, n hair removal cream nah guh pon deh! But mi need fi tek off dah bush yah offa mi privit parts. Mi nuh know ifa sweat or what a cause this, but it come and guh! Wah mi fi duh now?
– Boil Batty Barbara
Putus nuh beat up yuh self, it nawmal!
Hair bump sometime mek yuh skin swell up or get boils, Mi know it can hurt and feel annoying, suh guess wah yuh duh:
1. Get a likkle scissors, cut the hairs around the area real low
2. Get aloe vera (sinkle bible) gel and mix it with baking soda, then wash yuh privit parts with that. (save the yellow stainy part that drain when you cut it for later)
3. Rinse it wid warm water and pat dry
4. Rub the yellow stain from the sinkle bible on the boil, fan it likkle till it dry
5. Wear cotton panty and keep dung deh dry putus, germs and bacteria like moist places, yuh wouldn’t want the boil start sore up.
Aloe Vera
Glass of Water
Duh that till the boil gone and keep yuh can wash di privit wid baking soda every day. If yuh fraid fi wax, yuh can shave di privit, but yuh affi wash it wid di baking soda and scrub it wid a lofa, mek sure yuh scrub in di direction weh yuh hair grow… Mek sure it dry, den yuh shave.  Den yuh can rub Shea or coco-butter pon it.
All when di boil gone, memba fi exercise, drink at least 1 litre a water every day and live well.
Baking Soda

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Otenza Larmond is an Occupation Fitness Management Student at the G.C. Foster College, a certified massage therapist, special needs para-educator, first-aider, natural therapy researcher and a FOODIE. Having worked as a para-educator and massage therapist for four years, in the special needs faculty of early childhood, she has grasped the meaning of life and has realised her purpose in life - to help to heal with her hands and heart. For massage therapy appointments, email