Mama Tenza! Mi nuh sure wah gwan, but all I know is, it nuh cute! I always have dandruff, no matter what oils I use or how often I wash my hair. I have rashes in my face, my skin itches and is always flaky. I have an odor coming from my vagina and I’m having itching, I think I have an infection but I’m not sexual active right now, I haven’t been holding my urine. My Butt itches and I keep feeling riggly feeling in my nose and butt too. Mi think seh once mi get big dis wuda stop, but mi a big 26 year old could I have worms!


Putus, from yuh eat meat, yuh prone to worms. No worries dear, we can solve this. Remember we are what we eat. So, in order to rid the worms you have to stop eating stuff that gives you worms. Meat decomposes in your body and of course, decomposed meat has worms, so stay away from meat and start a detox. Starve the current worms and get them out of your system. How are we going to do that?

Step 1: The Cleanse

  • Eat very green leafy vegetables to make your body more alkaline, parasites love yeast and sugars so in order to starve them, DON’T EAT ANY MEAT, STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR AND YEAST PRODUCTS. So no bread, no pasta, no flour, no biscuits. Drink Coconut water to restore natural electrolytes which you’ll need for energy throughout your day. Coconut water also helps to flush your system from toxins as well.
  • Comfrey, Semi-Contract Mojo Herb and Senna Pod herbs are all good tea makers and even better worm riders. They allow the body to rid toxins and get back to an alkaline state. Also, parasites hate when their host (the body) has bitter compounds in them, as they cannot survive in this state. So what you can do is make a cup of tea with either of those herbs (they come in teabags your health food store) and have a cup every other weekends (preferably when you’ll be home all day, because it aguh work pon yuh belly! Toilet aguh be yuh bes fren!)

Step 2: Rebuild your body

  • Multivitamin supplements are a great way to boosts your body’s immunity and also to give your body the micronutrients it will need to become healthier after the detox. Vitamin B 6, 7 and 12 along with Collagen and Acidophilus (good bacteria) are all needed to help you hair and skin and the good bacteria will help with your vagina health.
  • Use black castor oils in your hair, on your skin and also a teaspoon before bed to restore homeostasis to your body.

Putus, remember your health is a continuous journey. Isa good look when yuh know seh yuh body a tell yuh supn. Jus ensure sehh yuh stick to the routine and keep up with the cleanse. Exercise, drink lots of water and live well!

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Otenza Larmond is an Occupation Fitness Management Student at the G.C. Foster College, a certified massage therapist, special needs para-educator, first-aider, natural therapy researcher and a FOODIE. Having worked as a para-educator and massage therapist for four years, in the special needs faculty of early childhood, she has grasped the meaning of life and has realised her purpose in life - to help to heal with her hands and heart. For massage therapy appointments, email