“The time will pass anyway.  You can either spend it creating the life you want or spend it living the life you don’t want.  The choice is yours.” ~ Earl Nightingale

Living beautifully is mainly how much you live your life to serve others.  I find that when you are of service to others, life feels better.  It is such an amazing feeling and a blessing when you are helpful to someone in need.

Ask yourself the following:
When was the last time I helped someone clean their house? When was the last time I cooked dinner for someone who doesn’t live with me?  When was the last time I gave another person a compliment? Or gave someone in need some good advice? 

If you can’t seem to remember, challenge yourself this week and do something nice for someone.

And if things are not particularly going right in your life, you may question whether this is the right time to be of service to others. Yes it is! Positive actions and positive outcomes start with a positive outlook.
It is important to surround yourself with positive individuals, find the beauty in everything and remember to count your blessings, no matter how small.  Once you accommodate positive thoughts, you’ll find that it is easier to snap out of it and reap better outcomes. And hopefully, create that positive space for someone else.


Photo: Christine Michelle Photography

Beauty is more than what we offer to the world physically; our captivating eyes and enchanting smiles are some of the attributes that make us beautiful.
And you would be surprised how many persons live through you.
Have you ever thought about it?  Seriously, have you ever asked yourself,  how many people miss me when I’m not around? How many people love to hear when I speak or how many people look forward to anything I have to say?
I believe we are all created with the ability to inspire each other.  I mean, even if you think your life is not perfect; there is someone out there who wished they had your life.  That is why it is necessary to reach out and help someone; live your life beautifully.

I  challenge you to do something nice for someone this week and tell me how it made you feel in the comments section below.

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Tessenie Mowatt is a plus sized model, stylist and writer. She has worked with various plus sized brands, featured in local and international magazines including Canada’s first plus size magazine, DARE Magazine. Tessenie’s charming smile and bubbly personality are some of the attributes that makes this self-proclaimed body acceptance advocate a force to be reckoned with. Tessenie believes that you have to set your own standards of beauty otherwise you will miss out on a truly empowering and fulfilling life trying to meet another person’s standards. Tessenie hopes to inspire more women and young girls to genuinely love and celebrate themselves for all they are because it is only at this time will they be able to find the courage to live out loud and enjoy life’s lessons along the way. Send her an email at tesseniem@gmail.com ⠀