Dear Mama Tenza,
I got my hair cut by another barber recently (just this once) because my barber was not available. I loved the cut but now I’m feeling small bumps at the back of my head. What can I do to get rid of them? I love putting my hand on my head and run my fingers to my neck but then I feel the bumps. That is not a nice feeling at all. I shouldn’t have dissed my barber. Please help. 
-Bumpy Barbra
Putus, nuh worry yuhself, simple fix. Razor bumps or burns are just forms of irritation and inflammation of the skin. So the next time you get a trim, whether from your regular barber or not, try doing these steps to maintain healthy hair growth as well as a healthy growing hair pattern. 
1.    Rinse your scalp with warm water. This opens the pores of the skin which then allows easier access to the soothing shampoo. Yes, shampooing should follow this first step.
2.    Exfoliate scalp with baking soda paste. Baking soda is an amazing, topical agent used to soothe inflammation and add a smooth revitalized look to any surface area.
3.    Apply Aloe gel to the scalp to help to remunerate healthy hair follicles, whilst adding moisture.
4.    Shampoo with: Comfrey Leaf and dried Calendula that has been distilled in Witch Hazel for two weeks. Put this solution in some Glycerine with peppermint/ lavender essential oil.
5.    Leave in conditioner: cold press coconut oil, shea butter, and tea-tree essential oil.

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Otenza Larmond is an Occupation Fitness Management Student at the G.C. Foster College, a certified massage therapist, special needs para-educator, first-aider, natural therapy researcher and a FOODIE. Having worked as a para-educator and massage therapist for four years, in the special needs faculty of early childhood, she has grasped the meaning of life and has realised her purpose in life - to help to heal with her hands and heart. For massage therapy appointments, email