Dear Mama Tenza,
 I have 12 year old twin girls who seem to have eczema that leaves tenacious tattoos. I know you’re going to tell me that part of why they have eczema is because of their diet, I know already, because all they feast on are fried, fatty, cheesy foods. If I make stewed chicken they don’t eat it,  but if I use the same stewed chicken with macaroni and cheese casserole they devour it. I’m just lost. They’re adolescents now and puberty has started to kick in so not only do they have rashes and scaly like skin, they are also prone to acne. Now what! I can’t have them walking around with esteem issues due to their skin. I need to help them to fix their problem ASAP. Their skin is so discoloured already looking like they’ve been in a colouring a book.

Oh wow! This would ache any mom’s heart. As pretty as a colouring book is, I doubt your girls want to look like that. You are right and I am going to tell you how their diet is contributing to their skin condition.  Fats, oils and dirt combined beneath our pores make sebum, which is secreted through our skin and causes pimples. The more foods we eat with these things, the more crappy our skin gets. If we do consume them we need to flush the body with lots of water.  Try substituting the cheese with pumpkin, season with paprika and oregano, yum! That should make them like healthy eating.

Now for topical treatment.

  • Add baking soda to bath, along with aloe Vera gel
  • Make a body scrub with brown sugar, coconut oil a few drops of tea tree and lavender essential oils to exfoliate after cleansing twice a day
  • Moisturize with Shea butter, coconut oil or cocoa-butter

Do these treatments together like a spa moment for you and your girls to bond, talk to them about the importance of skin care and remind them of their worth and awesomeness.  Continue to encourage and motivate your girls to think positive with and surround themselves with positive energy so that they grow confident. Remember you are what you eat, so continue to eat well and drink lots of water, think well and Live well Jamaica!