Dear Mama Tenza,
Suh, mi a good gal!
My makeup always on fleek, mi hair eva duh, nails up and mi only use Bath and Body Works and Victoria Secret pon mi body.
(tone changes) But from the other day, right about the same time I changed my brand of makeup and my work hours were extended, I noticed that my face start bump up! Plus my back and now it look like mi chest too. Mi cyan duh dis Mama Tenza. I have a reputation, people look up to me as a good gal role model. Mi skin can’t look nasty! No sah! Mi need your help please ‘cause mi eat good and love natural tings suh mi nuh understand why mi skin start act up.
Good Gal

Raaaments! Alright Good Gal mi like it! Confidence up and I’m all for self-empowerment! Mi like it! But here’s the truth, the ‘good gal’ lifestyle you’re currently living may be the major contributor to your skin woes.


The Makeup you’re wearing may be clogging your pores causing bumps. You need to CLEANSE, EXFOLIATE AND MOISTURIZE your face. Water alone can’t take off the ‘good gal’ makeup, so you need to cleanse with:

  • water + lemon/ baking soda/ lemon juice or black soap made from papaya and/or neem
  • GET YOU A FACIAL HONEY- mix some honey with cinnamon, nutmeg and a little tea-tree essential oil. This is exfoliating, which is taking off the dead skin and clearing your pores of all the dirt and oils that cause breakouts.
  • Eat up your foods high in carotene and vitamin A (great for skin renewal) like: Carrots, Pumpkins, sweet potatoes,
  • Drink more water


  • You need A GOOD GAL BODY SCRUB. This treatment exfoliates your skin and makes it smooth.
  • Mix a desired amount of:
    • sugar                                                  
    • coconut oil
    •  3 drops tea-tree essential oil

Rub over your body and rinse off with warm water

  • Drink Dandelion Tea to purge your body and rid toxins that cause breakouts
  • Drink coconut water as well as this helps to make your body alkaline again


Beauty is as a result of continuous care of the body, not concealing blemishes with make-up products. Foundation is rooted in ourselves, and not by covering our faces. Be you! Be Beautiful, Be enhanced but be true!

Disclaimer: The contributor to this blog is not a licensed naturopath. Advice is given purely from past experiences of others. Seek further advice from a professional naturopathic doctor on the proper dosage and methods of herbal usage.  Mama Tenza will not be held liable for any misuse of herbal medicine or damages.