I can’t bear it anymore! Ever since my girlfriend started this new call centre job she’s been having bad breath. I don’t know how to tell her. I avoid kisses. I don’t even want to sleep near her. What do I do? The other day we went out with our friends and her girlfriends laughed with her whilst holding and sniffling their noses. It’s not constant but it’s more often than she has clean breath. Help!

Dready, this topic is always sensitive you’ll get through this. We will help your girlfriend. Firstly, she may be constantly dehydrated and her diet may need to incorporate more fibrous foods, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Additionally, get her some “lactobacillus acidophilus” capsules from any health food store. This is good bacteria that helps to maintain healthy population of beneficial intestinal flora.


  • Encourage her to drink eight glasses of water daily, especially because she works at a call centre which is usually cold because of the air conditioning.
  • Brush and floss to rid the mouth of food particles accumulated between the teeth.
  • Gargle baking soda and water and scrape through from tongue to neutralize odours.
  • Before bed she can apply a herbal tooth powder:

-2 tbs baking soda
-½ tsp sea salt
-¼ tsp ginger powder
-3 drops peppermint essential oil

This aids in teeth whitening, fresher breath, tightening of gum and aids in the fight of bacteria.
Try doing this with your Queen so as to be conscientious of her feelings and inform her of the benefits, continue to practise and live well!

Disclaimer: The contributor to this blog is not a licensed naturopath. Advice is given purely from past experiences of others. Seek further advice from a professional naturopathic doctor on the proper dosage and methods of herbal usage.  Mama Tenza will not be held liable for any misuse of herbal medicine or damages.

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