Life can present many pathways and regardless of the one you have chosen, you can still take the passions that lie deep within you, on the journey of building yourself. Oran Green, a Bellman at Beaches Negril Resort and Spa, has proven this statement true.  Although committed to his duties on his resort, his love for sports is something he is determined to always take with him.

Prior to the onset of the pandemic, Green made a living from being an active member of the Jamaican sporting arena, as an assistant coach at Edwin Allen High School and refereeing local football matches. COVID brought with it so much uncertainty and the need for a job to continue earning a living, which motivated Green to step outside his comfort zone and try something different. Encouraged by his twin brother, who is also a Bellman at Sandals South Coast, Green applied for a job within the company and was successful in scoring himself a job as a Bellman at Beaches Negril.

Beaches Negril Bellman Oran Green.
Beaches Negril Bellman Oran Green.

Now with almost a year under his belt, Green has become a familiar face on the resort among his fellow team members and guests. Known for his warm personality and being quick on his feet, which comes as no surprise as an athlete at heart, he shares that though it has not been a full year in his new job, he has always had the drive to aim for the best.

“I see myself as a quick learner and I don’t want to sit around waiting so there is always a need to go and seek the information and skills that I need. I am always open to new ideas and will always be willing to jump at opportunities when they present themselves. If I don’t succeed I can at least say that I tried,” a beaming Green shared.

Noting that the job of a Bellman is no easy feat; as meeting his guests on arrival, means he is the first impression of his resort and sets the foundation for a five-star guest experience. Green shares that though he is not a shy person, his job has truly helped to improve and instill qualities that he will take with him for a lifetime. He adds that he is committed to maintaining ‘tunnel vision’ as he pushes toward his goals.

As you may already deduce, Green is no stranger to adapting; whether this may be to a job or to life in general. Growing up in a single-parent family after losing his father in high school, Green shared that he had to find it within him to still get through school and perform at the expected standards for his sports teams; he had to keep his head in the game. “The day after my father passed, my brother and I had a football match, we showed up and we played hard. My mother had reached out to the coach because she was shocked that we were even able to play,” he shared. He believes this has not only helped to strengthen his bond with his mother, but also mold him into a family man.

Moving on from high school to study Sports Coaching at the University of Technology, the tenacious young man still had the dream of building young Jamaican talents in sports and giving them the platform and tools to get ahead. Acting as an assistant coach then at Edwin Allen High School, he shared that he was always committed to ensuring the athletes were not only physically ready to take on the track, but also mentally prepared each season.

“Being responsible for recruitment and welfare it was always my intention to seek out the best opportunities for youths, I ensured that their education was prioritized so it was not just about sports, but also placing emphasis on the essential qualifications, life skills, and training to perform and to be their best selves,” Green shared.

Green has taken the same positive outlook in his experience in sports to his duties on resort, noting that just as how any form of athletics requires consistent training and mental fortitude, his duties require the same mindset and attitude. Some of his fellow team members may agree that the trolley he uses to carry his guests’ luggage is no different from a baton, as he is always on the move and ready to handover and deliver his best performance.

Front Office Supervisor at Beaches Negril, Genette Murray sees Green as one who represents the company well. ”Oran always walks with a smile and is very dedicated to his job, he goes above and beyond to deliver the best service to his guests and this is truly the standard of the Sandals and Beaches brand. He approaches both the guests and his team members with much care and grace. I am sure he will grow to greater heights and will continue to excel in whatever he does,” Murray noted.

Green still makes the time to be active in different sporting events such as refereeing for School Boy Football and national football games. He added that even though he is no longer directly involved in track and field, his Edwin Allen High School team will always have a place in his heart and will always be ‘family’ to him.

Beaches Negril Bellman Oran Green is a lover of all things sports and football is very high on his list of skills.
Beaches Negril Bellman Oran Green is a lover of all things sports and football is very high on his list of skills.

It is his desire to grow with the Beaches Resort brand and adds that there is no slowing him down. He has his eyes currently set on hopefully joining the butler team, as according to him the company provides many opportunities for upward mobility and he will always make himself available for his spot at the top.

When asked how he plans to make his love for sports a part of work, Green shared that he would like to play an active role in the on-resort sporting events and to motivate his team members to lead a healthy life with the hope of them also finding additional passions in the world of sports. There is still much to learn on the job at Beaches Negril, and though there is no doubt that Green is fast on his feet he still believes in taking his time to understand his resort operations, get the job done correctly and make a positive impact.