Racquel Hutchinson, a Theatre Practitioner and Drama Facilitator alongside Aaliyah James, a Social Media Marketer and Gender Studies minor has made the conscious decision to embark on the journey of organizing a campaign titled Mirror, Mirror on the wall… do you see me?

It is often believed that the average black woman is “messy” but we are here to trample that thought. We helping and healing each other over here!

It was officially launched on their Instagram page @womenhelpingwomenn on October 29th, 2021. The women want to help young women who are struggling with their identity, targeting young women between the ages of 20- 25, and by extension, their family members and peers As these are the years that one would say “it either breaks you or makes you”.
The campaign’s main objective is to help women to know that, as women, it is important to be aware of themselves. Self-realization being the main theme will allow them to speak about the realization of body and mind. It is a great way to incorporate body image and societal norms.
Additionally, other objectives of this campaign are to help young women between the ages of 20- 25 to:

  • know the different mediums women can use to feel heard
  • create a support group for women
  • teach young women methods of self-evaluation
  • bring awareness to familiar brands that are being led by women
  • teach young women how to set long term and short term goals for themselves outside of household duties
  • encourage them to feel confident.
Who Runs the world? GIRLS…and that’s on Mary had a little lamb!

At the end of this campaign, the managers hope to help these young women to understand that it’s normal for them not to know who they are at their current age, however, it is okay for them to work through this period.
They hope to give them tools they can use to cope with the mounting issue of an identity crisis. In the words of Robin, a young woman who recently shared her story with us,

“a lot of people don’t know who they are at seventeen or eighteen. You have a far way to go mentally, emotionally, physically. Life goes on, and it moves from positives to negatives. Debunk and decipher”.

Though the self-realization process is hard it is attainable, this is referred to as Identity Achievement. According to Jhanille A. Brooks a Licensed Associate Counselling Psychologist “everyone finds themselves at various stages of life. People can also choose to recreate themselves as life progress. Based on Erikson’s Theory of Development, persons usually find themselves in early adulthood”.

Jhanille Brooks, Psychologist, and Director of Jamaica Mental Health Advocacy Network.

The team hopes that at the end of the six weeks the targeted audience would have gained valuable information to help them through the process of self-realization.
The key deliverables are as follows:

    • Media Releases
    • Public Service Announcement (PSAs)
    • Targeted Public Engagement
    • Targeted Socal Platform

 For the past two weeks, their Instagram page has been buzzing with information regarding the topic of self-realization and identity issues. They have also written articles on the Live Well Jamaica blog showcasing the minds of two subject matter experts on the topic. Please check out their content and let us get this campaign noticed and help it to reach the right people. 

We fixing each other crowns sis.