Meet Jaovaughn “Fraze” Ball

In 2008, his brother, Don Smith, who worked as a bus conductor was shoved off a moving bus after engaging in a heated exchange with his co-workers. He died on impact. Jaovaugn, who was completing his second year of high school, said news of his brother’s death was a harsh reality he could not face for weeks. Therefore, droopy eyes and fake smiles defined his natural guise until he realised the healing power of music.
When I sat down with Fraze who is now signed to One Nation Music, he explained how his brother’s death influenced his journey in the music industry.

1.What was your initial reaction when you learnt of his death?
Mi just couldn’t believe…you can’t believe him really gone. Mi did tek it hard, mi lose focus completely, mi lose focus pan school work, mi lose focus pan music, mi lose focus pan everything mi did want to gain…my mother did tek it harder dan me because mi did kinda get over it faster than she.

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