The Honourable Olivia Grange, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment, and Sport has called for the establishment of a formal relationship between all the Domino organisations in the country.

Minister Grange who was addressing the launch of the Dragon Stout World Domino Championship at Gee Wee Car Park in St. Andrew last night (February 22), suggested that there should be “some form of alliance between all the Domino entities in the country.”

Miss Grange said that as it stands the Sports Development Foundation (SDF) which falls under her Ministry gives official support to the National Association of Domino Bodies (NADB).

She said the NADB was running a “wonderful programme” in which Dominoes was not only being played as a sport but was being used as an educational tool.

Minister Grange said they saw the game as being able to even to awaken social awareness, improve morals and boost community pride and the NADB was using it to also improve the self-esteem among youngsters.

“So Dominoes is doing much more for us these days than just being the traditional sport but more hands are needed on deck and this is one good example of why there should be this meeting of the minds and working together by the domino entities, all of them.”

“May I remind us that unity is strength and the stronger we are the more progress we are likely to make.”

Remarking on Jamaica’s affinity for the Dominoes, the Sport Minister said, “If we in Jamaica are not the most ardent domino players in the world, then we are close to it.” She reminded her audience that as Minister she had declared Dominoes a national sport in 2010 and that Jamaica supports the call for Dominoes to be elevated to the status of an Olympic sport.

She gave her “blessings” to the Dragon Stout World Domino Championship, commending the Jamaica Domino Council Association for taking yet another bold step in the interest of sport in Jamaica with this competition.

“I am pleased to learn that the tournament will cover all of five regions comprising the Portmore League, Western League, St. Elizabeth League, Eastern League and the Kingston League.

“To Dragon Stout I say great decision to partner with Jamaica Domino Council Association. I like to think that already the Dragon product is a winner in the marketplace and with the link with Dominoes, sales can only soar to greater levels,” Miss Grange concluded.