On February 11, 2017, Sexy & Wealthy in Heels will be hosting their 2nd panel event, Brand U in Kingston!
Offhandedly, the phrase ‘Sexy and Wealthy in Heels’, could generate the image of a fierce, and slender woman strutting down the runway. And while that image is quite believable. Tanya Smith looks to use that same concept to inspire and empower women in business in Kingston. Here’s our little chat with this innovative and passion-driven entrepreneur Tanya Smith about the Brand U Kingston panel event.
So, what really is ‘Sexy and Wealthy in Heels’? 
 People are often curious about what ‘Sexy and Wealthy in Heels’ is. Well, ‘Sexy and Wealthy in Heels’ is basically a community of women. ‘Sexy’ means being confident with self and ‘wealthy’ is having a brand and lifestyle that is sustainable and makes you love your life. We feature and inspire up-and-coming entrepreneurs.
Tanya Smith, City Leader for Sexy and Wealthy in Heels, Kingston.
How do you inspire these women in business?
Through signature seminars such as ‘Brand U’ that is held every quarter in different cities. We have nineteen communities across North America (Canada and the US). However, it is our first time hosting a ‘Sexy and Wealthy in Heels’ event in Kingston, Jamaica.
We chose Kingston because it is the business capital for Jamaica and there are many budding female entrepreneurs that we have met and interacted with over the last few years.
Sounds interesting, but how would female entrepreneurs benefit from the Brand U panel event?
Current and up-and-coming entrepreneurs will benefit from the branding tips given. Our feature ‘Brand U’, is about helping women find ways to make money using their brands.
Our panel comprises of several expert female entrepreneurs that are currently in branding and some that are not entrepreneurs but their expertise is in branding. They will provide specific branding tips to help women in business make money using their brands.
 We also try to make our signature events very small, so as to facilitate one-on-one interaction with our panelists.
How deliberate were you in selecting your panelist?
We were very deliberate. One of the things that I have observed in Jamaica is that there are many successful women in Jamaica that have events such as these, but they are never targeted at the younger generation. What we are trying to do is use the expertise of well accomplished women in Jamaica to help motivate and prevent young, up-and-coming entrepreneurs from having to go through the same struggles we went through.
Finally, it’s a Sexy and Wealthy in Heels event, are participants expected to wear heels?
No (Laughs). How we came up with the name ‘Sexy and Wealthy in Heels’ is because we have noticed that there is a view that if you are successful you have to be like a man. One of the things we are promoting is that you can be successful and still be a woman; there is nothing wrong with that. So you can wear whatever feels comfortable to you, but just know that it’s okay to be a successful and confident woman.
Thanks Tanya!For more information on Brand U in Kingston, visit here.
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