In a further step to enhance its already industry-leading COVID-19 prevention and response protocols, and in particular to safeguard the health and safety of its employees, Sandals Resorts International is moving to install walk-through sanitization machines at all its resorts.

One such machine, which disperses a sanitizing mist and discharges ultra-violet light to destroy potentially threatening particles, has already been installed at the company’s flagship resort, Sandals Montego Bay, much to the satisfaction of team members and the resort’s General Manager. Plans are also well underway to install similar machines at all the company’s resorts, both in Jamaica and across the region.

Reiterating the company’s commitment to the safety and wellbeing of its team members, Deputy Chairman Adam Stewart said, “In everything that we do and in all facets of our operations, our team members come first. We are committed to doing everything in our power to protect our team members and our enhanced COVID-19 protocols, frequent training, and most recently our investment in these sanitizing machines are evidence of this commitment. We want our team members to know that we are focused on providing a safe work environment and will always be thinking of, and implementing measures for their protection.”

Sandals Montego Bay front desk receptionist Shaniel Fearon passing through the new full-body sensitizing machine installed to boost team member safety at the resort.

General Manager of Sandals Montego Bay, Carl Beviere, also echoed Stewart’s sentiments. “This is a welcome addition to our existing protocols. As one of the first hotels reopened, the safety and comfort of our team members has been of paramount importance, and in addition to the constant protocol training, we have ensured that all staff areas have been maintained to standards even beyond the guidelines required by government”, he shared.

The addition of the sanitizing machine, Beviere noted, was a further testament to the company’s efforts to constantly improve and augment the safety of its team members.

“The team members are all really pleased with the addition of this machine,” noted the resort’s Human Resources Manager Herbert Richards. He added, “Since it was installed it has seen heavy usage, and has further added to their confidence in the protocols being instituted by the company.”

Sherika Brown from the resort’s Kitchen Department shared nothing but words of gratitude after using the sanitizing machine for the first time. “It’s really nice and makes me feel even safer on the job. I must thank Sandals for caring for us staff members”, she said.

Bar Department team member Christopher Bryan was also upbeat about the heightened safety measures, declaring, “I love it man. I am glad Sandals is all about safety first.”

Annakay Wholas, Operations Manager at Sandals Montego Bay using the new full-body sanitizing machine installed to boost team member safety at Sandals Montego Bay.

In addition to the sanitizing machine and to the company’s robust Platinum Protocols of Cleanliness which outline stringent health and safety measures, the resort has also constructed glass partitions at all tables in the team member cafeteria as a means to enforce physical distancing protocols.