She’s one of the voices that Jamaicans listen to as they travel through the bustling afternoon traffic, she’s also the entertainment journalist who spends a large chunk of her day working with pop icons, and she’s one woman who will proudly share how her internship with Live Well Jamaica was a launching pad for her current career successes.

Raven is one of the hosts and producers of Zip Code, a daily entertainment magazine show on Zip Fm. She loves her job and dedicates a number of hours, energy, and skill to the daily production of the show among other entertainment production duties at the station. Beyond her job at Zip, she enjoys a growing fanbase on her YouTube Channel, RavenTV. And we celebrate her current career accolades as they are a manifestation of how committed she is to the grueling process of climbing the corporate media ladder in Jamaica. We know that building out a career, especially in a highly competitive industry can be daunting but it is possible.

Raven, Live Well Jamaica Internship Alum
Raven completed her internship with Live Well Jamaica in 2018.

In a conversation with the rising media star, Raven graciously shares her strategies to stay ready, stay focused, and stay committed to achieving the goals she set for herself years ago. Here is a quick rundown of Raven’s Career Success Hacks (watch the video below).

Hack #1 – Master Your Writing Skills

Your best work is fortified with current research on the topic. Search engines, books, and journals are still your friends. And if you’re feeling less confident in your writing skills, practice! Dedicate more time to mastering the skill – this could look like carefully thinking through and writing longer, appealing captions on your social media pages or it may also look like publishing a blog of your own or guest blogging for a brand that aligns with your values.

Hack #2 – Stay Ready

Even if you believe you’re seasoned in a particular field, challenge yourself to accept all opportunities to test your abilities, learn new strategies, and gain new skills so you remain competitive.

Hack #3 – Be Confident in You

People will naturally trust you and believe you can do it when you don’t second guess your abilities. Be confident in your abilities!

Thanks for reading to the end and we encourage you to connect with Raven on Instagram and YouTube.