Emotions are one of the aspects of life that connects us to other people from the moment that we are born to the moment we die. Emotions pull us away from the path of being ignored by others and put us on a path that makes other people notice us and accept us for who we are. Expressing your emotions means that you are expressing how you feel on the inside. The majority of the feelings that people hide are bad feelings about themselves or others. Expressing emotions does not mean that you should express bad thoughts of others or yourself but it means to form a friendship or a bond with other people around you. 

Men Express, Do Not Suppress is a social media campaign led by Yasean Doghaimat, game developer, and Jade Cross, a High School English teacher. This campaign targets men who are emotionally unavailable. Expressing emotions is what makes a man strong, unlike today’s society that convinces teaches men that showing emotions means they are weak.

If you hide your emotions, you are risking your emotional health; possibly severing the ties you have with your family and friends. Remember, emotions connect us to them.  

Depression, social isolation, loneliness, mental health and discrimination concept. Sad, lonely, depressed and unhappy man. Hooded person sitting in dark alley.

One objective of this social media campaign is to encourage men that they need to express and acknowledge their feeling. A father that expresses his feelings sets out a great example for his sons and daughter. When he expresses his feelings to his family, his family can help him out and his children, especially his sons and grandsons, will know what to do if they suffer through the same thing.