The clear definition for a bellman is someone employed as an errand boy and luggage carrier around the hotel.  However, for Jorvan Reynolds, he is more than just a bellman.   “I am not only a bellman, I consider myself the captain of the front desk that helps with the overall running of the department,” said Jorvan as he makes it clear before telling his Sandals story.

At only 25 years old, Jorvan exudes great passion for his job and has already made a positive impression and promise as a stellar employee. Jorvan hails from the parish of St. Catherine and did not live the typical life of a teenager.  He lost his mother at an early age while attending McGarth High school.  This had negative implications on him completing high school as he lost focus. However, Jorvan knew he had to make a living in order to survive. At an early age of sixteen, he held several odd jobs from working at a supermarket doing just about anything he was told to do to even gaining a skill as a carpenter.

Jorvan Reynolds (left) and his colleague Olivia Haslam (right) share a light moment at work.


Jorvan’s life was set to change when he heard of a job opening at Sandals Inn.  The resort was in urgent need of a bellman.  Jorvan took the chance and was successfully employed as a bellman.  He eagerly learnt how to carry out his role as a bellman with intense on-the-job-training.  Within a few months of being exposed to the front office operation, he became a “pro” in his own right.

From the moment a guest checks in, the hustle begins for Jorvan who consistently displays enthusiasm when carrying out his job. Though it seemed simply, for Jorvan, he describes his job as a carefully orchestrated plan as he would be the only bellman on duty during his usual eight hour shift. He eagerly awaits the guests to arrive and immediately grabs their bag once they make their first step off the airport shuttle. Before the guests have a chance to say, “No, I can grab this tiny, wheeled piece of luggage myself,” he has already loaded it onto a cart and introduces himself during the short walk to the lounge. And, it happens in almost the same way at checkout.

For every obvious tactic that Jorvan executes, there are little details and discrete moves he makes to ensure that his valued guests have a memorable experience while staying at the boutique resort.

“The guests at the hotel are wonderful and many of them are return guests. I always remember the returning guests and it truly makes me feel happy to see them again. I also love interacting with new guests to find out where they come from and how I can assist them while they are staying with us. This is the main reason why I enjoy my job.”


Jorvan was one of two bellmen working at Sandals Inn. This created a challenge for him as he had the desire to engage in many of the resort activities such as training.  “I always saw the need to enroll in some of the training programmes.  However, I also understood that the operation needed my presence and so I did as much as a could no matter what,” explains Jorvan.  His positive attitude and his commitment, worth ethics and dedication to fulfilling his daily tasks have earned him much recognition at the resort.  Some of his accolades received at the resort’s quarterly staff awards include: the general manager’s award, pace setter award, most improved and team member for the quarter. He recently copped the ultimate award at Sandals Inn as the platinum team member of the year.

Reynolds diligently makes a log of his work.

Jorvan continues to bare fruits after winning the top award. He was transferred to Sandals Royal Caribbean in 2017 where he continues to be the “captain” at the front desk.  His background training at Sandals Inn has indeed prepared him for his job at a larger hotel but one he describes as “simply things.”   “While at Sandals Inn, I had to learn how to do everything, from being a bellman, to a front desk agent and serving time at the switch board.  I even gained the experience of being a night auditor.  So being at Sandals Royal I am placed in a position to assist in all areas which is not the norm.”    He remains grateful and happy to be at the resort as he explained, “I have more time to participate in training.”  He now has his eyes set on igniting a career path that is rewarding by ensuring that he takes full advantage of the opportunities created by the Sandals Corporate University.  He has since completed the Team Jamaica training as well as the Leadership Boot Camp.

“The leadership boot camp has opened up a world of knowledge for me.  I have learned life skills that taught me how to behave on and off the job and also how to better interact with my fellow team member.  My aim is to stay focus and to communicate with people who are able to encourage, motivate and provide support as I try to be the best professional I can be.  I want my fellow team members to look at me and want to be like me.”

Jorvan is also an active community outreach volunteer and has participated in labour day activities and environmental projects.

He is a true representation of a Sandals ambassador, one who is selfless and regards his job as top priority, and he consistently does it with a broad and genuine smile.