It is a widely known fact that Sandals Resorts International is a resort company that provides individuals with various opportunities to grow and develop. At Sandals Royal Caribbean, this is no less pervasive. In fact, if you were to visit the resort today, you would see a fresh set of trainees dispersed in various departments, inching closer and closer to their dreams.

Through the Sandals Corporate University (SCU), the Hospitality Training Programme (HTP), the Management Trainee Program (MTP), and several other initiatives, a large number of team members have been able to matriculate into their desired roles.

Javier Robinson and Sean Bramwell are just two of many at the resort who have benefitted from these growth initiatives while Lishane Walters is currently in training, looking forward to sharing their stories one day.

Junior concierge agent at Sandals Royal Caribbean and graduate of the hospitality training programme, Javier Robinson, was a picture of joy as he took a quick break from his lounge duties to snap a picture.

When Robinson signed up for the HTP some years ago, he was fairly young. He had no experience in hospitality and the programme was his initial introduction to the working world. His dream of a career in the tourism industry quickly became a reality, thanks to Sandals. “It was my first time working in a hotel. I was determined to succeed so I applied myself and tried to learn all I could in order to bring good help to the department I was working in at the time,” he shared.

Robinson who now works as a junior concierge agent was assigned to the bar department at the time. Upon completion, trainees typically receive a certificate but Robinson was handed a contract. His zeal did not go unnoticed and he was offered a job as soon as his training ended. “I’m glad I took part in the programme. When I came in, I didn’t know a lot and now I am able to work in any area in my department.  My greatest joy was getting the job. The one chance they took on me is what is allowing me to earn and take care of my responsibilities even now. It is a very good programme and I have no regrets joining it,” he explained.

His manager, Dezreen Reid-Stewart believes that Robinson still has so much further to go in the company. In fact, she believes that based on some of the skillsets he has garnered over the years, he would make for a very good elite butler.

“Javier is very versatile. When he does cabana service, you would think he does it every day or that he has been doing it for years. You can’t tell whether the setup was done by a butler or not. I see him being a very good butler one day,” she explained.

Lishane Walters (left) a hospitality trainee at Sandals Royal Caribbean looks on as seasoned front desk agent, Lennus Reid shows her a thing or two about the operation.

Like Robinson, Lishane Walters hopes to land a job with the resort company when her training ends. Walters recently signed up for the HTP and has been assigned to the front desk.

“I have always hoped to work in this industry. This is the main reason I did Tourism at the CAPE level. It is my first time in the field and it has been good so far. Yes, I anticipate challenges but I am thankful for the opportunity to receive hands on training. I would love to do my best so I can land a job afterwards but even if it doesn’t go that way at least I am receiving world class training from the top hotel chain in the Caribbean,” she stated.

Training, growth and development certainly form part the Sandals vision. Sean Bramwell, a graduate of the management trainee program is now a Junior Assistant Engineer at Sandals Royal Caribbean. He has a story of his own. For him, the MTP allowed him to see engineering for so much more than what he could imagine.

“I studied civil engineering and most people who do that often end up in construction. The MTP opened my eyes to so much more. It is one thing to construct but another thing to maintain what was constructed.  I have garnered knowledge of the travel and cruise industries just by working in this company,” he shared.

Sean Bramwell is a graduate of the Management Trainee programme at Sandals and now works as junior assistant engineer at Sandals Royal Caribbean.

Bramwell who is one of the leaders in the engineering department said he would encourage anyone looking to grow to take the leap and join the programme as one can only move upward when they do.

“I am grateful for all that the MTP has afforded me.  I do have hopes to be a chief engineer one day or even a director but for the most part I am happy with where my career is currently and I have Sandals to thank for that.”

Bramwell is one of those responsible for the maintenance of rooms, maintenance planning and scheduling.