My dad, Ahmad Doghaimat, became emotionally unavailable when he realized that no one can be trusted. When he was in middle school, he met a boy named Derick and he was everything, but a good friend was not one of them. At first, he seemed like a person that can be trusted but, he was one of those people that tried to get my dad that he was a homosexual, but he was not. he would ask simple questions to slowly try and get my dad to think he is homosexual. My dad said, “I found out the hard way that there are people out their in the world that can not be trusted and will spread news about you that are not true”.

My Dad, Ahmad Doghaimat

He tried to spread gossip about him and say things about him that are not true. Now that I think of it, I went through something like this when I was in middle school when a friend tried to convince me that I am homosexual. He was actually homosexual. He tried to hit on me and tried to spread gossip on me telling others that I am homosexual. He kept trying to make his move on me and wouldn’t stop even when I told him to stop. Ever since then, I had trouble expressing my feelings to others and kept all my feelings to myself and until this day, I remember what he did to me

If you’re wondering, let me explain what is emotional unavailability. says it describes ‘ a person who’s evasive, avoids meeting up, or simply doesn’t like to talk about their feelings or relationships. That person might also have difficulties with the following: trusting people. bursts of anger.’

My emotional unavailability ended when I was in high school when I met someone who was a lot like me and we had a lot in common. Soon, I began to trust others. When Derick transferred to another school, my father found it difficult to trust or to even talk to other people for several years.

For my dad, his emotional unavailability ended when he met my mom and got married. He found out that she was the only person that he can trust and he can share any secrets with him. He said, “When I first saw your mother, I immediately know that she was someone that I can trust and share my secrets with”. Until then, he lived a great happy life with her because he knows he can trust her.