Meet Kevin “Likkle Kev” Mullingslikkle-kev

…At the tender age of 13 years, he was raped by his uncle and forced onto the streets by his family. In a bid to stay alive, Kevin turned to prostitution, selling his body to every and anybody who was willing to offer the best price. But it wasn’t too long after, he met with another sexual molestation ordeal. This time, his perpetrator left a permanent stain on his health. Likkle Kev was infected with HIV.

Now, that could have been the end of the road for Likkle Kev who is a budding actor and had made appearances in several plays. But it wasn’t!

When I sat down with him, Likkle Kev told me how his story of abuse has inspired his latest project, a theatrical production – Broken but Not Shattered.

Why did you decide to put on this play?

…From I was a child I hear people say, you got to be broken to be blessed and you know I’ve been through a whole lot in life…I decided that I wasn’t gonna let that stop me from progressing and I’ve overcome all that I’ve been through in life, you know…I first decided to do my book but it takes a little time doing the book with the editing so I decided to do the play. And what really inspired me to do the play is to get the message out there…to talk about what our society and not only our society but the world hides under the carpet; youths are being abused sexually, physically and emotionally…youths that are dying because they are HIV positive, women who are being abused by men…these are the things my play talks about…You’re broken but not shattered. I want to inspire them (victims of abuse) to GET UP!
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