Our third stop on our Staycation blog series…Pizza Please Italian Restaurant located at shop #3 Village Plaza on Constant Spring Road.

I spent an hour-long, lunch date at this busy and bubbly restaurant and even before the date could end, I had a mouthful to share.

Pizza Please offers an exciting variety of specialty pizza, pasta dishes, and desserts. The compact restaurant serves as the ideal spot for a tasty lunch or pit stop on a family outing.

Here are five things that I enjoyed during my lunch date.

1. Variety of Pizza Toppings

Customers pour through the doors of this restaurant during their lunch hour to try authentic, Italian-infused pizza with toppings such as callaloo and mozzarella, jerked chicken, BBQ fish and Italian Pesto. After sampling the pizza dishes I could certainly understand their excitement. The flavours of the BBQ fish pizza were perfectly balanced. The slightly tangy undertone of the sauce was just enough to mellow out its sweeter flavours and the added kick of scotch bonnet peppers further amplified its flavour profile. Its crispy crust lined with gooey mozzarella served as the perfect vehicle to transport these appealing flavours to my salivating taste buds. The jerked chicken pizza, on the other hand, caused this previous state of excitement to dwindle. It lacked the robust, spicy flavours of authentic Jamaican jerk so this left a spice-lover like me a bit disappointed. If you don’t particularly like spicy flavours then this pizza is for you! Additionally, you can share it with the kids!

Pizza for Vegetarians
Blue Cheese and Almond Pizza
Callaloo Pizza

2. Caters to vegetarian and vegan customers

The Callaloo, Pesto, Blue Cheese and Almond Pizza dishes are great choices for vegetarians who usually have narrowed options when eating out. The Callaloo and Pesto Pizza allowed me to indulge while dining out without the associated guilt of consuming higher calorie foods. Also, the flavours of the Blue Cheese and Almond pizza dishes were surprisingly mellow. The almonds added a depth of nuttiness that was a good complement to the flavour of the cheese. This pizza would be a good option for persons who want to try something new without having their palate overwhelmed. Each day a vegan pizza is available for customers as well. Some might call these pizza dishes real ‘livity’ food!

3. Economically priced menu items

Some of us may assume that specialty Italian pizza may cost a little more than what the average Jamaican might be able to spare for lunch. I found out that this is actually not the case! Pizza Please is different. Here the pizza prices range from $300 JMD to  $380 JMD  (that’s approximately $2.50 USD to $3.00 USD) per slice. Items like their pizza patty even fall below this price range.

I noticed that the pizza dishes are served on traditional wooden slates. This enhanced my experience of the authentic pizzeria without having to pay for a plane ticket to Italy! Additionally, the restaurant offers regular promotions like combo deals and all you can eat which give customers even more ways to save while enjoying their favourite slices.

Look at those prices!!

4. Offers delivery service & online ordering

Pizza Please offers delivery service within the vicinity of Constant Spring Road, Half Way Tree, Papine and even Downtown. This is a convenient service for persons who might not be able to stop by the restaurant but still want to have their artisanal slices. Customers can also order online line through a separate service provider.

5. Easily Identifiable signage

Whether you’re in the lull of traffic or in the hustle and bustle of Half Way Tree Square, it’s hard to miss the elevated, bright red sign and bold white font of Pizza Please!

Yup! Enjoying the gooey awesomeness in the Callaloo Pizza

Small Dining Space

If you arrive at the restaurant during peak hours don’t expect to dine in. The small restaurant is easily filled which may leave you without a table to dine. Additionally, the proximity of the countered sitting area to the ordering station can cause easy congestion. The compact size extends to the restroom as well. The restroom is a single unit within which a toilet and sink are enclosed. This unit is used by both males and females…so maybe Pizza Please could consider some expansion to comfortably accommodate its growing number of customers.

Promotion of Second Location

I almost forget that a second location existed in Half Way Tree Square, a couple of metres away from Mandela Park. The other branch is mostly known to persons who travel regularly within its vicinity. This location could be better promoted to the wider public.

Overall, I can’t wait to return to Pizza Please. I genuinely enjoyed every second of my lunch date!

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