Carissa Marsh from Sandals Royal’s Bar Department proudly displays her hand-made flower pots also capable watering plants. The flower pots were designed from used plastic bottles and discarded newspapers.
Fascinated with Alicia Dunkley’s winning chandelier, spa therapist Tenesha Campbell takes a moment to pose with the decorative piece made of discarded plastic cups and chilli pepper lights.
This motorised toy car made by Nevaldo Edwards was designed from discarded fudge sticks, plastic bottle caps and is powered by a battery.
Alicia Dunkley (fourth right) poses with her first place gift basket while her supporters display all the designs she entered in Sandals Royal Caribbean’s Recycle Competition on May 31.
After copping the top prize for a chandelier made of plastic cups, Alicia Dunkley (centre) collects a gift basket from Sandals Group manager for Environment, Health & Safety Christine Young (left) and Shaville Lowther (right) Environment, Health & Safety manager at Sandals Royal Caribbean.
Cion Robinson’s exquisite wall hanging is made of discarded cardboard, straws and aluminium foil.