In 2020 many of us were professionally displaced; some of us lost our jobs, accepted reduced income, and for the rest of us who were already unemployed, we were bumboclaat doomed when COVID landed in March at our borders. JIS confirmed it! By July 2020, the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) reported a 10 percent reduction in the number of employed Jamaicans. And remember not everyone is counted in “official statistics”.

Navigating the “new normal” became extremely tricky because there were more things we were not permitted to do, than things we could actually do to maintain our livelihood and sanity.

But part of this new normal was an opportunity for us to expand our bumboclaat knowledge about digital media tools that can be used to stay connected with friends and family members, and for the many of us who operate small businesses, customers! It took a pandemic to show us that our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Linkedin Twitter and TikTok profiles could help our businesses grow! And talk the truth! Some of us are still struggling to understand the myriad of features on social media.

Out of a discussion with my team, I was able to produce a comprehensive digital media survival checklist for small businesses. While the information is specifically useful for entrepreneurs, if yuh smart, you will know how you can use it to guide the development of your personal brand.

1, Create a Business Profile/Page on Social Media. Business profiles give you access to more FREE FEATURES to engage with prospective customers and clients.

2. Use the free features for businesses online. Find out what they are and use them..for Facebook, download “Business Suite” and use that application to manage your business page. It’s much easier than posting directly from the application.

3. Create a content map. This can be a list/table/spreadsheet of the type of content you want to share on social media and when you want to do so. Don’t be a bumboclaat slave to the map. It’s only a guide especially for slow days when things aren’t too “festive” online.

4.Visit your data analytics regularly. This is one of the free features I was telling you about. Your page insights is your personal “spy” to tell you what your followers are doing on your page.

5.Visit trending maps regularly. If you nah trend, what are you doing online? Follow the trend.

6.Greet every new follower. So you think you could survive Bumboclaat 2021 doing the same, lame strategies of 2020? NEXT!

7. Socialize in the comments section. Once again, you’re adjusting to the “new normal”…browse through the popular pages on social media. Do you realize that “influencers” are also having a field day in the comments section? Where are you?

8. Follow people within your industry. Yes, it is time for you to spend less time following the “Cute Cats”, “Cute Babies” and gossip accounts and focus on finding people who are excelling in the field you want to get in or you’re currently in. Inspiration influences aspiration!


10. Go Live at least once a month. You have the time and it is the best time to respond to questions/comments from your customers or social network.

11.Participate in online events. This could be a Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/IG live or a webinar. They are all great spaces for networking.

12. Participate in online campaigns relevant to your field. Show up for a worthy cause to build important bonds within your industry. You m

13. Participate in social media challenges. There’s a new one every week. Find one that you like and engage!

14. Update your LinkedIn profile. You have the time!

15. Spring clean your social media friends’ list. If it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make cents! (Sense) 

16. Spring clean your social media page.

17. Learn a new digital marketing skill.

18. Create an e-business card/comp card. There are too many free tools online. My top recommendation is Canva!

19. Create a video resume. If you’re seeking a career opportunity, give it a try

20. Post a blog sharing your knowledge. You have the time and it’s an opportunity for people within your industry to be reminded about your knowledge and capabilities.

21. Take social media breaks regularly. It’s okay to have a social limit. It’s okay to avoid social media for a day or two and find other activities to occupy your time. It’s a great way to take a mental break. Your entire body will tell you “thanks!”