The Bashy Bus Kru – represents a mobile, health reproductive clinic that provides “FREE” HIV/Syphilis screening as well as pre and post safe sex counselling by certified peer educators and peer navigators. Bashy Bus Kru was developed by the Children First organization in 2005, out of the need to reach out to children, adolescents, and young people in the age range 3 to 24. The group takes the time to visit schools and communities in different parishes across the island.

On May 31, 2018, the Bashy Bus Kru visited Trench Town Polytechnic College wellness fair. They showcased a variety of skillsets, engaging students and teachers. The Kru had registration tables for persons to access “Free HIV/ Syphilis screening, an information table set up with pamphlets with props used for condom demonstrations, peer educators, and peer navigators were on the ground talking to teachers and students offering safer sex counselling on the spot.

Inside the Trench Town Polytechnic College auditorium, the Bashy Bus Kru excited teachers and students with our captivating performance. A 1-hour edutainment session was executed successfully and it was thoroughly enjoyed. The Kru incorporated dancing, sing, ng and dramatization to promote positive messages and information concerning HIV prevention, HIV transmission, persons living with HIV rights, abstinence 100%, education focus, setting goals and achieving them. They received positive remarks, crowd interaction applause.

Connect with Bashy Bus via social media on Instagram: Bashy Bus and Childrenfirstja and Facebook: Children First Jamaica and Bashy Bus Kru Ja.

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