Meet Jason “Diego Di Steppa” Fuller _mg_1871

Jason understood at any early age that family was not limited to mother, father and siblings. Born to a young mother, he was sent to live with his grandparents in Spanish Town to enjoy a better life. He described his younger days with his grandparents as a “middle-class lifestyle” – having warm, home-cooked meals, his own bedroom and full access to the television, toys and books. Jason remembers spending summer holidays with his mother and his other siblings in Waterhouse, Saint Andrew, and occasionally sneaking out to observe the revelry at nightly street dances.

When asked about his father, the 26-year-old entertainer paused for a few seconds then said that his father was hardly present in his upbringing. However, with a bright smile, he explained why he would never resent his father for not playing an active role in his life.

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