A team of digital media interns at Live Well Jamaica Internship programme has decided to embark upon a social media campaign addressing disrespect within the workplace. The managers of this campaign include Kian O’Connor, Czevanique Heath, Janee Sebright and Kiara Shields. The name of this campaign is, ‘Nuff Respeck, putting inequality to rest’. This campaign is set to run from July 18 to August 28 with the content being published on the Nuff Respeck’s Instagram Page as well as on Live Well Jamaica blog. Of all social issues, the informed and talented group choose workplace disrespect as they are of the view that though this issue is so prevalent, not many know how to properly deal with it. Accordingly, the objective of the Nuff Respeck campaign is to inform the working class of their rights and how to properly demand them. This media release aims to identify some causes of disrespect within society.

Say no to Workplace Disrespect

Disrespect is a widespread problem today as daily there seems to be a gradual decline of values both on an individual and collective level. However, unlike most other social issues where there are multiple campaigns and initiatives to combat problems, disrespect, especially in the workspace, has not been shown proper attention. The Nuff Respeck team realizing this decided that since we now live in an online space, a social media campaign is the best means to addressing this problem. As with every problem, before the development of a cure or solution, there has to be an examination of the cause. Based on research conducted by Institute for Safe Medication Practices, disrespect within the workplace stems from cultural, generational and gender differences. However, the causes can be much simpler such as current moods, attitude and even actions.

Contributed by Department of Justice

The major impact of disrespect within the workplace and the causes can be clearly seen through statistical data. Studies have shown that disrespect in the workplace is the leading cause of stress for employees contributing up to thirty-six percent (36%). Disrespect is not just a strain on employees as statistics prove that twenty-five to forty percent (25% – 40%) of the typical manager’s time is spent on conflicts that arise in the workspace. Resologics studies have shown that sixty percent (60%) of workplace disrespect is due to strained relationships between employees. Canada’s Department of Justice does more in-depth research to unveil numerous causes of this neglected issue. Based on their studies, twenty-three percent of disrespect is caused by harassment while discrimination accounts for another twelve percent (12%).

Logo of the Nuff Respeck Campaign

This campaign utilizes media releases, public service announcements, targeted audience engagement and other social media posts to provide an informative and interactive campaign for all. Though many may not have knowledge as to how to properly handle workplace disrespect, there are many ways to properly confront these situations. An example of this would be, as most experts would recommend, speaking to the Human Resource Manager. As information relative to the procedure previously stated will be shared throughout the campaign, the Nuff Respeck team is confident that they will achieve the expected outcome. At the end of the campaign, it is expected that the target audience will be fully equipped with knowledge of their rights as well as be motivated to demand them through the correct procedures.

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