The University of Technology, JA Marketing Seminar 2017/2018 will be having a donation drive on the 21st of November 2017 to the 12th of December 2017. The proceeds from the drive will benefit the children at The City of Refuge Children’s home in Content Gap, St. Andrew. This activity is an organized effort to garner donations from individuals on and off campus to provide some necessary items like; Canned Foods, Used/New Clothes and Shoes, Back-to-School supplies and Toiletries which will make a child’s life better as well improve their living conditions. Collection of the items will be done on the campus of UTECH, JA and by members of the marketing seminar 2017/2018. We will also partner with some of the Progressive Food stores in different locations to get more donations and contributions from the public by bringing boxes and containers for persons to donate items.


On Sunday, December 3, 2017 the project team along with a group of volunteers from the university will be visiting the home as we will be conducting various activities. On the day, volunteers will be giving the home a Christmas tree, decorating the Christmas tree with ornaments made by the children. The volunteers will also partake in the grooming of all the children at the home as we try to make this Christmas a special one for them and their caregivers. This effort is to get to know the children of the home, spend a little one on one time with them and show them a lot of love especially since it’s the season for giving.


Everyone needs a little-unstructured fun in their day, and a Fun Day/Christmas Treat is perfect for having time dedicated to exactly that. The title of this treat day is “The Backyaad BBQ” with a Jamaican styled theme and will be held on December 16, 2017. The UTech, JA campus will come alive for a cause. The annual staging of the UTMS Christmas treat will be here again and the event will incorporate live entertainment, games, food and most importantly fun for the children of the home to enjoy themselves. The variety of games and entertainment we have planned will indeed create a lot of fun for the children to enjoy themselves and have a marvelous time; also contributing to their unforgettable Christmas.

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