Coastal Engineers? Marsha Lewis, Administrative Assistant for the engineering department at Sandals Negril and Renner Yearwood, junior engineer at Beaches Negril were in full maintenance mode, the moment they arrived at Lost Beach in Broughton on International Coastal Clean-up Day. The two embarked on a journey to leave the beach in pristine condition and they meant it.
These students from Broughton Primary School were a picture of sheer joy when they joined team members from Sandals, Beaches and Grand Pineapple Negril in cleaning up the beach in their community on International Coastal Clean up Day.
Training and Development Manager at Sandals Negril, Keitho Nembhard (centre) had more than one motive when he along with his team cleaned the coast of Lost Beach in Broughton. He carried two of his hospitality trainees along with him as he believes, there no training more important than service.
Call them the trash busters but team members from Sandals, Beaches, and Grand Pineapple Negril left no stones unturned when they visited Lost Beach in Broughton, Westmoreland on International Coastal Clean up Day. Collecting more than 35 bags of garbage, the team was determined to rid Broughton’s little treasure of all its trash.
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