Canada-based recycling company Panther Corporation has been operating in St James for the past six years. There are big plans in the pipeline to assist the National Solid Waste Management Authority to facilitate recycling and garbage collection in several western parishes.  The company is looking to provide additional trucks and equipment to enhance solid waste collection but has one major hindrance.

The company’s Attorney and Shareholder Clayton Morgan says there have been talks with the relevant authorities for the past six years and that there has been approval from the Contractor General but there is no written physical contract.

“I think that the National Solid Waste Management Authority needs more equipment, especially garbage trucks to clear the backlog of garbage from last year. Panther has 100 state-of-the-art trucks from Canada ready to be deployed to take up the challenge. We’ve been in negotiations for years and although the contract has been approved by the Contractor General a written contract is yet to be secured.”

Morgan added that he believes that the company’s ability to provide much-needed equipment will enable great work and improvements in garbage control.

President and CEO, Michael Mosgrave is particularly excited about the job opportunities that will be available locally upon contract approval.

“We are currently looking for online sales representatives that will assist customers and potential customers virtually. Upon contract, approval will be to establish the office at Friendship and bring in people who are going to work fundamentally with the larger corporations to help them get into our recycling programme.”

The company has worked extremely hard for the past six years to establish trust and relationships with many large companies including resorts that are looking towards embracing the recycling programme.

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