“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university,” Albert Einstein.

This quote may seem to be too simple to have been said by one of the greatest minds of our time but it carries much more meaning than what meets the eye. Through this quote, Einstein pushes the premise that everyone should be respected regardless of status. Tyrarenae Harris also shares this view as she believes once something has life, it/he/she deserves respect. This article will explore who she personally, her view on respect and disrespect she has experienced in the work field.

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Contributed by Tyrarenae Harris.

First and foremost, on a personal level, Tyrarenae truly embodies complexity and uniqueness. Tyrarenae was born on December thirteenth and is currently nineteen years of age. She finds a role model in the prominent Jesus Christ. As she appreciates the need for sacrifice in pursuit of any long-term or short-term goal, she admires the sacrifices made by the Son of God to fulfil His purpose on earth. She hopes to pursue a career in management specifically in the Tourism or Business sector. Though her career expectations may be ambitious, she has a much wider horizon as she also has personal goals that she thrives to accomplish. These goals include being financially stable, educated, and a good example for persons in her surroundings. When she is not taking on the world with her numerous ambitions, she enjoys watching anime as it gives her the ability to appreciate a different culture through animations. Lastly, she is not particularly pleased by mass pollutions as well as the growing corruption in the island. However, unlike most citizens that are limited to only pointing out the issues within our society, she has developed solutions for each of these issues. She believes that initiating principles into children against pollution and corruption may be what is needed to have improved Jamaican society.

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Contributed by Tyrarenae

Furthermore, Ms. Harris has her own perspective on the topic of respect. She defines respect as doing to others only what you would want to be done to you. As stated before, she believes that everyone should be respected regardless of race, social background, power or status. She, however, has a criterion as to who is to be respected. This criterion is simply that one has to have life and that is not a hard criterion to fill at all.  As animals also have life, she believes in the respecting of these creators just as much as human beings. She attributes her strong beliefs about respect to her appreciation for biblical values and structure. She is of the view that respect within Jamaican society is on the decline. She supports this claim by referring to how easily persons resort to being disrespectful in unnecessary situations. Another clear representation of the lack of respect throughout the island, she says, is the poor customer care and workplace relationships. Once again, Ms. Harris has a solution. She believes in the theory of intentionally learning and unlearning behaviours based on a desire to change. She suggests the solution of teaching children respect as a core value so that they may grow to appreciate and put it into practice.  For persons who have already been set along the path of disrespect, she believes that if they actually desire to change, they can.

Picture of Tyrarenae
Contributed by Ms. Harris.

Tyrarenae has not had a lot of experience in the work field but that has not made her an exception to workplace disrespect. She has worked for a month in an office. Though she has been blessed to not have any disrespectful experiences with her employer, this is not the same with her fellow employees. Her most recent encounter was with someone who had been working at the organization for a long time and therefore maybe saw it suitable to take advantage of the newcomer, more specifically, by handing down her work to the young Ms Harris. In order to prevent any unnecessary altercation, Tyrarenae ignored the senior employee. She now believes that the situation could have been handled much better. If she were to be faced with the situation again, she would report it to someone of authority.

Briefly, Tyrarenae Harris is a complex and diverse person. She has her own strong opinions on respect and has been a victim of disrespect within the workplace regardless of the small amount of time she has worked so far.

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