As of summer 2021 the team Nuff Respeck takes to social media to launch an instagram campaign with the goal to tackle the issues of disrespect in the workplace. Baring no form of disrespect, the team is slated to shine a light on all forms of disrespect in the workplace. From classism to colorism, racism to ageism, under pay to overtime regulations, sexism to sexual assault; the goals of the campaign are to not only bring awareness to injustice but acceptance in the role we as employees play in turning a blind eye to our own toxic environments: the workplace.

The Nuff Respeck logo balances a yellow and red design as influenced by the Jamaican and Trinidardian Flags. In its centre is a peace sign, playing the role of symbolism for a peaceful workplace; that is a respecful workplace.

Accountability is indeed the driving force behind this campaign. The team has deduced that asking questions such as: Do I know my rights? Do I acknowledge how my socialization has affected my thoughts and actions when it comes to asking for what I deserve or even knowing what I deserve? Do I respect the boundaries of my co-workers and do they respect mine? As a result, Czevanique Heath, Janee Sebright, Kian O’Connor and Kiara Shields, the members of this campaign team were able to better tailor their content towards a self-call to action regarding disrespect in the workplace.

Member Czevanique had this to say when asked to write her own angle on the campaign,

“Today, members of this Caribbean state still struggle with the resulting slave mindset. This mentality has been passed down through the generations and there are still instances of employees cowering at inhumane treatment from peers and superiors alike.”

The process of job hunting isn’t always the easiet. Insecurities rooted in racism, colourism, classism, sexism and even ageism may often arrise. However, knowing your rights and expecting these rights to be respected may enable you to think of the process in a different light. That is a focus on skils and achievements over anything else. ‘Job Hunting’ 2020 taken by Kiara Shields, model: Abbii-Gale Stephenson.

Freedom from inhumanity and more specifically disrespect comes from firstly knowing you deserve better. As such the team has set into action posts entitled “Bet Yuh Never Know Seh…” that target ignorance. Allowing you to fall victim to mistreatment isn’t what should occur from the ideology that ignorance is bliss. Knowing the rules and regulations surrounding your pay, leave, boundaries even the consequences of your own actions and decisions, all play a part in submitting to and promoting a toxic work environment.

Secondly it comes from taking accountability based on said knowledge. Knowing who to go to when you experience sexual harassment or isolation because of classism or even prejudice because of racism can only let the idea of your workplace be less toxic. However in actuality to truly cleanse said workplace you have to then report, reprimand and demand whatever is necessary to ensure your human rights aren’t being violated and to further protect yourself.

Introspection and Action have to work hand in hand and that’s why the team of Nuff Respeck has taken on said project. They believe there can be change and have already started to do their part by orchestrating focus groups, having interactive sessions on Instagram, post awareness tips, referencing law makers and holding you the workforce accountable.

Follow the campaign on Instagram @nuffrespeck, to learn more about your rights in the workplace.

If I were to sum up the initiative I would say Nuff Respeck is a social media team currently targeting the lack of respect in the workplace by educating its target audience (employees) about their human rights and workplace regulations. They have taken to Instagram to utilize the visual niche the platform has when it comes to graphics, videos and pictures to thus: promote story engagement, evoke questions and most importantly inform its audience.  All in the hopes of reducing the workplace toxicity while reducing the effects the acceptance of workplace oppression by its employees.

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