We become the best versions of ourselves when we’re piqued for a work promotion or a new job. We comb through our email inboxes for the final drafts or direct links to our best professional works in that field and attach them to our job applications. Usually, this additional content is our differentiator that sets our applications apart from other candidates. We successfully secure the job!

But after the celebratory drinks with friends and the well-wishes from our former co-workers or school colleagues, some of us unconsciously hide those impressive assets in the depths of our email inboxes, or “long forgotten” folders on our computers without recognizing that they form an important part of our professional portfolio.

Your professional portfolio should act as a personal branding arsenal, fully furnished with your best works in the field you wish to establish your name. No one will go searching for your work online. It’s your responsibility to present it to them in a neat, comprehensive, and attractive way that will stimulate their interest in your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Allow your career investments to work for you! A properly positioned professional portfolio accelerates your career journey by bringing work/career opportunities right to your inbox. Try it!

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How Do I Organize My Professional Portfolio

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Always think about your key objectives – why am I creating one?

If you wish to show readers how you’ve evolved in the field you’re working, you may arrange your portfolio in chronological order.

If you wish to show readers the dynamics in your skillsets, you may arrange your portfolio in skill categories.

If you wish to show diversity in your professional network and work experience, you may arrange your portfolio based on industry, geographic location, and culture.

We understand that by now you’ve possibly invested a considerable amount of time building a name for yourself in the corporate space but if someone should ask you, ‘what do you have to show for your investment in your professional career?’, how would you respond?

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