Mama Tenza I don’t like what is happening to me and I don’t know how to fix it, so I’m writing to your for something, anything, even if it’s just empathy and support because this journey is rough! My 6-year-old son has Autism and he is excessively aggressive. He is verbal and makes requests most times, but there are other times when he cannot express what he would like exactly and it frustrates him and that causes a tantrum or meltdown, any and everywhere! I’m tired! I seriously don’t know what to do at this point. I’ve been to seminars and blah blah, but these techniques only work sometimes. I’d be in the supermarket and he’d start and we’d be on the ground rocking, I feel the eyes and hear the comments. I can’t do anything but try to keep my composure because our society knows nothing and treat special needs like deviants and it’s not their fault. I have to stay strong for him, but I’m a single mom and I would really love if someone could be strong for me too. Mama Tenza mi jus cyan manage. My mind needs a break, I hear screams and crying even in my sleep, or even when my son isn’t anywhere near me. I just want to cry all the time.

Putus there’s no shame in crying. I know it isn’t easy, I’m not a mom but I work with kids with Autism on every level, so I hear screams and cries all the time too, even though my situation is still different from yours so I can empathize. What I can advise is to limit the environments and situations that cause your son to have tantrums or meltdowns. You need to record the situations so that you have data to work with when implementing strategies to deal with these meltdowns and tantrums. I am not sure if your son is over stimulated by scents so I am reluctant to give certain advice, however feel free to send me an email so that we can discuss in detail his triggers.
About let’s talk about ‘you’ time. Invest in some essential oils, make warm baths to soak in with some Epsom salts, add a few drops of lavender and peppermint essential oils in the bath. Invest in some chamomile, cinnamon and ginger tea to soothe your nerves. Free your mind with exercise Putus. Exercise causes your body to secrete hormones that make you feel happy: dopamine and serotonin. Let your son exercise with you and try giving him the same aromatherapy baths, see what happens and don’t be afraid to hit me up again. Continue to embrace life positively and live well!
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