Mama Tenza!!!!!!!! with all this talk about special needs, I am so afraid of giving birth. I’m two months pregnant and all I can think about is “what if my baby is born with autism”. My husband has a nephew who was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and I have twin nieces diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). All I can think about is how will I manage if the trait ever grabs on to my baby? I don’t even know if it’s a trait. I’m not fully aware of the differences but all I can say is those kids cost more time, money, effort, patience and loads more ‘self’ than I think I have. I’m really paranoid right now. I doubt you can help but I can’t say this to my husband, he’ll freak! So I’m venting to you.
Oh putus, you really don’t need to be thinking about these things right now. The mind is a powerful tool. Think positive, you need to do so for your health and the health of your little one. So far, there has been no proof that Autism is hereditary so that should ease your mind a bit. All you can do is to prepare your body for the growth and healthy development of your child. You can also:
  • Ensure that your diet consists of high fibrous, iron and protein foods
  • Ensure your water intake is consistent
  • Fruits and vegetable should become your best friend
  • Read books that emit happy thoughts as you need your body in a state of homeostasis (balance) so that your pregnancy can flourish.
Pregnancy doesn’t mean no exercise. You need to stay active to maintain a healthy cardio-respiratory system. Exercise helps to minimize water retention thereby minimizing swollen feet syndrome as well. Putus don’t fill your mind with fear. Instead, think of the beauty of life and the gift of childbearing ok.
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Otenza Larmond is an Occupation Fitness Management Student at the G.C. Foster College, a certified massage therapist, special needs para-educator, first-aider, natural therapy researcher and a FOODIE. Having worked as a para-educator and massage therapist for four years, in the special needs faculty of early childhood, she has grasped the meaning of life and has realised her purpose in life - to help to heal with her hands and heart. For massage therapy appointments, email