Dear Mama Tenza,

A friend of mine wrote to you sometime earlier this year so I figured I’d try seeking some advice as well. She was feeling tired and annoyed all the time and had stomach burns. I don’t have all of that but I do think my insides are telling me something. If I’m not having brain fog, it’s fatigue or constipation. I didn’t know men could get bloated but it seems I am because my stomach feels so puffy all the time. I feel pain in my joints, and a host of other things, I just feel like crap! I thought I was eating well until I read something about eating more fruits and vegetables and to be frank I HATE FRUITS! But now I’m thinking maybe  I really need to change my diet. I really need some advice.

-Crappy Craig


Wellllllllllllllllll! You don’t like them putus but you need fruits and vegetables in your diet. You need to cleanse your liver and colon. You need to feed your brain as much as your body. You have to remember that what you intake is the energy you are going to emit, so clean eating and clean thoughts will help you to burn good energy and generate productive ideas. It’s commendable you identified that you need to change your lifestyle; this is the first step in getting healthy – acknowledging that you aren’t and you need to be, so good job!

So now let’s talk about fruits that you should be eating… fruits like watermelon, lemons yes strawberries/blueberries, be your liver’s best friend.

Drink at least three litres of water daily. If you don’t like water by itself or don’t want the fruits by themselves, then make some infused water. Cut up the melon, with some ginger, lemon slices and some cucumbers, put them in a glass bottle that can hold a gallon of water, put it in the fridge to chill overnight and voila! Tasty water.

Be good to your colon with some Irish Moss and Mango juice, eat raw green vegetables like Kale and Spinach. Try making curry and Turmeric seasoned Chick Peas stew with Pumpkin and Carrots, instead of curried chicken.

Stay away from sugar for a while, drink some green tea; boil some water then put some sprigs of mint and lime leaves to steep for ten minutes then drink unsweetened. Get your body back to an alkaline state.

Eat foods rich in Magnesium like Avocado (pear), Almond nuts,try stewing some Tuna plant (ensure you scrub and cut off the prickles first).

Eat fish food Omega 3 fatty acids and make your own non- dairy yogurt from coconut meat, water and fruits with a pinch of salt to help to replenish tissues and give added energy that you will need throughout the day.  

Remember, your health really is your biggest asset so don’t complain about the clean eating. Eat up and live well!

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