It is said that when schools, communities and organizations work together to support learning, students tend to stay in school longer, do better and enjoy school more.

The Cove Primary School was one such institution to benefit from a partnership with the Sandals Foundation that saw the building of a new covered walkway. Completed to the tune of close to JM $1.6 million, the new construction is the perfect solution to a persistent challenge for the 67-year-old school, where students found it difficult to access the restrooms from their classrooms whenever it rained.

Principal for Cove Primary School, Patrice Campbell, Board Chairperson, Dania Rosser, Quality Education Officer, Susan Simms, students, and team members from Sandals and Beaches Negril were all present at the symbolic ribbon cutting for the new covered walkway.

Principal Campbell noted that the walkway will not only fix the problem of children accessing the restrooms whenever it rains but will be a multipurpose asset; as teachers and students are able to sit outside on lunch breaks and relax in the mornings before classes.

Covered walkway built by the Sandals Foundation at the Cove Primary School brings a nice facelift to the institution.

“We always battled with the issue of students getting to and from the bathrooms in inclement weather and we had to do something about it. I asked the Sandals Foundation to assist the school in building a covered corridor and they didn’t hesitate to assist. We know that during this pandemic many organizations are strapped for cash and the Ministry of Education does not always have the funds, yet still, we continue to see the dedication and the commitment that the Foundation has towards Cove Primary,” she said.

As the school looks to reopen its doors for face-to-face learning come January 2022, Mrs. Campbell added that the walkway will assist with the separation of the students to keep in line with the COVID-19 protocols. She noted that specifically for grade 5, being the largest group; students will have to be placed into smaller classes. They initially had no space for these additional classes which meant some students would not be able to attend school every day. Campbell highlighted that the new construction has made it possible for some classes to be facilitated on the corridor, giving all students the opportunity to attend school daily.

New covered walkway at Cove Primary School built by the Sandals Foundation to get students to and from the restrooms when it rains.

The Principal stated that teachers were growing weary of students having to walk through their classrooms when it rained, as this was a major disruption. Teachers as well as students are now thankful for the ability to traverse without the hassle.

“I love the new walkway,” Feleisha Legore a student at the institution shared during the handover ceremony

The walkway according to Principal Campbell will also be used for morning devotions, a rest area for sports day, school BBQs and other events.

Board Chairperson, Dania Rosser who was overwhelmed by the donation, added that especially during the pandemic, the structure also provides the ability for proper physical distancing as it is also an expansion of the school.

While encouraging the students of Cove Primary to care for and make proper use of the walkway, Quality Education Officer, Susan Simms added that partnerships such as these result in the improvement of schools, thus making a positive educational change in the lives of students.

“We the team members at region 4 embrace the support and contribution to education by all stakeholders; indeed this kind gesture is well appreciated. Positive school partnerships play an important role in decision making and accountability; and are often linked to strong relationships between schools, communities and families,” she said.

[From left] Regional Public Relations Manager for Sandals and Beaches Negril, Jervene Simpson, Principal of Cove Primary School, Patrice Campbell and Quality Education Officer, Susan Simms engaged in a heartfelt conversation before the cutting of the ribbon to signify the handover of the new covered walkway at the Cove Primary School.
Meanwhile, Executive Director at the Sandals Foundation Heidi Clarke noted that the new construction will better help in facilitating a great learning and teaching environment.

“Primary and other early childhood institutions play a critical role in developing a strong foundation for our children’s aptitude. These newly covered walkways will allow teachers and students to engage each other without interruption, thereby removing so many unseen learning barriers that may not currently be easily identified.”

“These formative years,” Clarke continued, “are crucial so it was important for us as a foundation to help make their environment in this critical juncture of their development as comfortable and conducive to learning as it could be.”

Over the years, the Sandals Foundation has supported the Cove Primary School through the upgrade of their library facilities, career guidance seminars, targeted student and teacher trainings as well as the donation of learning resources and sporting supplies.

[From left] Quality Education Officer, Susan Simms, Regional Public Relations Manager for Sandals and Beaches Negril, Jervene Simpson, Principal of Cove Primary School, Patrice Campbell, Board Chairperson, Dania Rosser and Environmental Coordinator for the Sandals Foundation Georgia Lumley were all elated at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new covered walkway at the Cove Primary School.