About 33 communities in the Upper Rio Minho Watershed area of Clarendon- including the Bullhead community – are slated for interventions that will help them better adapt to climate change.

The interventions include the installation of check dams, 250 communal rainwater harvesting systems, Greenhouse installation, 50 hectares of agro-forestry and 15 acres of reforestation. At the recently held Bullhead Ash Wednesday Festival, over 800 community members were targeted to hear about the climate intervention measures being implemented by the Adaptation Programme and Financing Mechanism (AP&FM) of the Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCR).

The AP&FM has been focusing on residents of the 33 communities to highlight the importance of the Watershed to the Parish as it helps in the generation of rainwater for the Parish. To date, the Watershed has been ranked as the most degraded in the island and so these activities are designed to help the communities and the area build their resilience to climate change.

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