On February 11, 2017, Sexy & Wealthy in Heels presented their 2nd panel event, Brand U in Kingston!

And…indubitably, it was, one of the most sizzling and breathtaking experience any woman could ever have or ask for.

Hats off to Tanya Smith (the main speaker), her presentation was nothing short of passion, enthusiasm and inspiration. It captured the essence of why it is important for women to establish successful businesses that will allow them to create wealth for themselves.

Tanya Smith in her signature pink jacket chatting with some participants at the close of Brand U Marketing event in Kingston. Photo captured by Leonard Thomas

But of all the things she said, and of all the things that resonated with the attentive audience, the one that remains clear and fondest, is the statement: ‘Nobody builds a business or gets to where they are going by themselves; there is no competition, only collaboration’. Though irrefutably simple, it is a gentle and convenient reminder that selfishness in business is a recipe for failure.

Marketing expert, Sancia Campbell making her presentation to an attentive audience at the Brand U Marketing Event. Photo captured by Leonard Thomas

Succeeding this lively and concise presentation were the presentations of other expert female entrepreneurs who are at different stages of their brand marketing journey. The presenters were as follow:

Ethnie Miller-Simpson, CEO of Zinergy International,

Crystal Daye, COO of Daylight International,

Sancia Campbell, PR Practioner, Marketing Specialist, Writer and Blogger,

Tricia Williamson, Founder and CEO of Panache Communications Inc, and

Saudicka Diagram, TV Host/Producer and Media Communication Expert

Again, their speeches were insightful but what was utterly fascinating, were the stories they told about how their individual struggles guided their decisions and ultimately made them into the successful entrepreneurs they are to date. Their stories will forever be etched in our memories- they are the truest reflection of ‘modern day entrepreneur heroines’.

Here are some branding tips to help your business grow:

-Know who you are as a person and what you want to do.

-Know who you want to serve and why you want to serve them.

-Be confident in your brand; no one will buy from you if you lack confidence in what you are selling.

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