Meet Orane Campbell, a former deputy head boy of St. George’s College. Orane is a father of two amazing and lovely children and is a resident of Portmore Pines. In 2021, he started feeling pain in his legs. When he visited the doctor for a checkup, he was told that he has a blood clot in his legs. After several doctor’s visits, his condition got worst.

He has been suffering from multiple conditions related to blood clotting and torn anterior cruciate ligaments, torn meniscus, and arthritis, which cause him excruciating pain and discomfort when walking. Based on his current situation, it is determined that surgery is the best option to resolve these issues. Therefore he is seeking financial assistance to cover the surgery and aftercare costing an estimated total between $10,000 – $12,000 USD. Orane welcomes assistance from all persons who are able to support him at this time. He can be contacted at (876) 446-4261 for more information or to discuss how you can help.

Give Orane a fighting chance by providing financial assistance for his surgery. For financial donation, his bank account details are listed below.

Account#: 2094464942

Account Type: RSV

Account Holder: Orane Campbell

Branch: Portmore Pines

Name of Bank: JN Bank